Every successful relocation project needs thorough planning to ensure effective delivery. Aberley’s relocation project management (RPM) division has 20 year’s experience of delivering moves on time, in budget and with full business continuity. This is attributed to the quality of our people who are supported by our rigorous processes, which ensures consistency, thoroughness and continuous improvement.

Workplace Moves

Aberley’s five step process to achieve a smooth relocation:

  • Step 1 – Route Map to Relocation
  • Step 2 – Planning
  • Step 3 – Preparation
  • Step 4 – Implementation
  • Step 5 – Consolidation

Communication & Client Engagement

As workplace consultants we understand the importance of people to the success of any move programme. We pride ourselves on our communication strategies (often combined with our workplace change programme) and how we work alongside your move champions. We’ve moved many thousands of people and understand that no two people or companies are the same, working with you we will ensure your project is tailored to your needs to ensure successful delivery.

A successful move is achieved when every stakeholder knows what is happening, when it is happening, why is it happening and what is expected from them when it is happening.

Workplace Moves

Vendor Management

Aberley provide a fully independent move management service, we know what to look for in the contractors you’ll need for your move. We can help you procure the right contractor at the right price following your required procurement process.

Our teams know how important it is to liaise with both building management teams and the end users during the move process. Our move manager will be onsite throughout the planning and move phases to:

Workplace Moves
  • carry out risk assessments
  • manage the removal contractors and address any queries
  • oversee security
  • coordinate IT moves with the Tech team

We’ll also be there to make sure your new space is up and running ready for your staff arrival.

Budget & Timetable Setting

We will manage both the budget and the programme of your move. Our move supervision will ensure the move coincides with any change management programme, including weekly project review meetings. We will also be able to ensure Statutory Compliance, Health and Safety and Change Control with the Fit-out and Tech teams.

Move Drawings

We have in-house space planners and CAD experts who can develop options using existing furniture or work with a supplier for a new design. We will also ensure all drawings are up to date on completion of the project.

Asset Management

Workplace Moves

We use our Asset Relocation Management System (ARMS©) and Specialist CAFM software to fully manage your assets. ARMS is our bespoke database which barcodes and tracks every asset by current location and owner (business group and individual user). Filing Audits are attached to the asset by individual shelves or sub assets. These sub assets can be moved independently of the asset to new locations and assets.

Additional services Aberley offer:

  • Change Management
  • Pre and Post Occupancy analytics
  • Help procure IT consultants, Engineers or Main Contractors

I was impressed to find the facility in full working order from day 1 after the move weekend.

Operations Director, Allied Medical

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