Only 30% of change initiatives succeed (Kotter): we want all of our projects to be in that category. One critical way to avoid that trap is a proper change management programme, planned at the start of the project and supported by your leadership team.

We have our own team dedicated to designing and running that change programme with you. That will include:

  • Understanding what workstyles are best for your organisation: it may be agile working; it may not
  • Analysing your current working (and management) styles
  • Developing the technology, space, cultural and behavioural changes needed as a package
  • Identifying performance measures for the people and space based on outcomes,
  • Spotting the barriers to change and overcoming them
  • Plus a variety of communications tools to embed that change long after your Aberley team has gone

I particularly want to mention Fiona for the comms which have been flawless and set a bench mark for others.

Head of Property, Yell

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