There are many drivers for change in an organisation. It can be to improve productivity and performance; enable organisational growth without growing the property portfolio; to enable better attraction and retention of talent. It may be all these things.

Approach & Methodology

Our overall approach and methodology for workplace change is a simple one: review objectives, agree metrics of success and then, refine and utilise the most appropriate of our tools, templates and considerable global experience in the successful drafting and delivery of workplace change programmes to prepare, equip and support staff in their journey of change.

Workplace Change

Our team has a wealth of experience in leading and delivering both small and large-scale workplace change programmes as a catalyst for wider organisation change and understands their complexity and, more importantly perhaps, the infrastructure required to optimise successful outcomes.

Workplace Change

These core aspects include active and visible senior sponsorship; a clear, compelling picture of the future state and encouragement for staff to participate in the engagement activities. These vital elements underpin change management and experience continues to demonstrate very clearly that without them there is a marked likelihood that actual outcomes will fall short of expectations.

A Typical Programme

Our workplace change model below highlights the two phases of a typical programme approach. It is worth noting that the initial stage of Phase 2 (a workplace pilot) can also be the starting point to a programme in order to generate some enthusiasm and momentum for the change.

Workplace Change

Our experience in defining and operating these environments is significant. From the early days of workplace change some twenty-five years ago through to the latest furniture and technology trends and ideas, we have been using pilot workspaces on projects. We therefore fully understand the physical and technological provision and testing required and the subsequent behavioural adaptations to be encouraged and supported for new ways of working.

This is an absolute understanding of the inextricably interlinked aspects to a workplace - physical (workspace), virtual (technology) and human (behaviour).

Interface & Engage

Our approach to interface and engagement is one of friendly professionalism. Our aim is to encourage stakeholders and staff to see us as ‘one of the team’: to help and support, listen and understand, explore and explain, guide and encourage. We have the experience to provide a level of comfort of where others have trodden before, where best to place effort, what pitfalls to avoid, what best practice to emulate and the difference between important workplace trends and simply trendy.

Workplace Change

I particularly want to mention Fiona for the comms which have been flawless and set a bench mark for others.

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