A key part of the Aberley service offering is the Space Utilisation Survey (SUS). We’ve surveyed millions of square feet of space and we know that our SUS is the most robust workplace data collection methodology. We count some household names amongst our current clients: IBM, John Lewis Partnership, the BBC, Transport for London and the London Stock Exchange Group

What is a SUS

A SUS is designed to capture data on people and how they interact with the workplace. We designed our SUS to ensure the robustness of our data collection, this is vitally important for us to be able to provide excellent analysis.

Why complete a SUS

Strategically a SUS is fundamental to a decision process regarding either people, workplace or both. We’ve completed SUS for our clients who were looking to make decisions on a vast array of things, including:

  • Space as an enabler
  • Utilisation rates
  • Staff retention and recruitment
  • Wellness
  • Efficacy of past change
  • Inform new change
  • Inform IT
  • Inform business choices
  • Growth potential
  • Meeting spaces used or under utilised
  • Upcoming lease renewal
  • Mergers or acquisitions

Tactically they are just as essential:

  • Furniture procurement
  • H&S fire cap
  • Reinforce in house data
  • Layout adjacencies, hot/cold spots and why?
  • Design brief
  • Kit of parts

We’re the experts in looking at both people and place and how they engage. Looking at these in tandem is why our expert analysis is so coveted.

How it works


Before our survey begins, we spend some time in your space, a full survey is completed to confirm CAD drawings, which can be updated by our inhouse CAD experts.  Comms: we can provide videos, email communication and other materials to let your teams know what is happening, how the survey works and what the auditors are looking for. Meetings are held to answer any questions and dispel any myths. These meetings are usually a good opportunity to find out about your culture as well.


During the audit, over a week or two weeks, our auditors will survey every work point, every hour between 9am-6pm. This provides 45 observations over a week per work point.

Our auditors use state of the art software and record the result on mobile tablets to complete the survey. The data is uploaded in real time and daily reports can be provided. We also conduct interviews and questionnaires with your staff, this can offer insight into why certain areas aren’t used, eg too hot/cold, smells, general feeling and to how they use their own work space, it also allows us to find out more about your company’s culture and working practises, if required.

Post survey

After the completion of the survey period we analyse your data and put together a presentation and results pack.

We present all your results to you and we provide analysis of the results which includes:

  • Methodology and definitions
  • Timings
  • High level results and benchmarking
  • Solo workpoints, recommendations, available and unavailable
  • Utilisation pie charts
  • Manager desks
  • Manager meeting tables, size and usage
  • Meeting rooms, size, use and comparisons against room booking system
  • Open collaboration workpoints including enclosed breakout areas, high back sofa areas and restaurant seating
  • Utilisation heat maps

The Aberley Way: Our approach to Workplace Consultancy

Aberley have over 18 year’s experience in implementing change in the workplace for dozens of organisations across numerous sectors. Aberley ensure that the data capture stage is as efficient and robust as possible. We discover and fully engage with your organisation before using our vast experience to report and plan any workplace change.

Our Approach is to follow the Aberley Model: DEP-TIE

  • Discover what is known now
  • Engage to fill in the gaps
  • Plan – develop the new ways of working
  • Taste test a move or change with a sample group
  • Implementation roll out of the new ways of working or a move project
  • Embed work with the staff to ensure that they understand the new ways of working and that they are working for them

Contact us

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