Analytics Process 


Interviews with senior management, infrastructure leads, and heads of functions to determine what is critical to organisation performance and the vital relationship with where, when and how people work. 

Space utilisation studies 

Observed occupancy and utilisation of the workspace using our experienced team to survey all corporate workspace; benchmark use against our database and produce recommendations 
Analysis of sensor data also forms part of this portfolio, helping clients to implement change based on analysis of this and other business data (access badge, headcount data, booking information) 

Asset and storage audits 

Barcoding and analysis of all physical storage, including volumes of specialist and general storage for future planning, reduction and relocations 

All-staff surveys 

Online all-staff survey using our bespoke tool to find out what your people understand and what they want 

Focus groups 

Validation and feedback sessions with staff representatives 

Space budget and reports 

Delivery route map 

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