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Why complete a Space Utilisation Survey?

Friday 11 January, 2019

A key part of the Aberley Analytics service are the Space Utilisation Surveys (SUS). We know that our approach and reporting offer the most robust workplace data collection methodology. We count some household names amongst our current clients: IBM, John Lewis Partnership, the BBC and the London Stock Exchange Group. 

Why would you want a survey?

We’re the experts in looking at both people and built assets and how they engage. Our clients’ drivers for a survey are varied:

  • Approaching lease breaks
  • Growth plans
  • Acquisitions or mergers
  • Post occupancy evaluations
  • Significant product or service change
  • Attracting new talent and retaining expert staff
  • Drives to improve staff productivity
  • Maximising the efficient use of the property portfolio

How the SUS work:


Before our survey begins, a full review of the AutoCAD drawings is completed and any updates made by our in-house space planners

Communications: we provide a brief to let staff know what is happening: it is important to reassure people this is not about monitoring their performance, but how they use their space.

Training: we train our own experienced auditors in the client space in the week before a survey starts.  At the same time, they undergo in-house induction and clearance (we have DBS cleared auditors if that is required)


The surveys capture data throughout the offices on handheld tablets: 10 passes a day, every hour between 8am-6pm, over 5 or 10 consecutive working days.

Aberley surveys all WorkPoints including:

  • Individual desks
  • Collaboration spaces (by type of furniture)
  • Breakout areas
  • Manager offices
  • Meeting room and seats
  • Specialist areas (e.g. trading floors or laboratories)


We often go on to work with our clients in the following ways:

  • Interviews, workshops and questionnaires to inform a change process
  • Producing a design brief to create inspiring environments
  • Running a change programme to introduce new ways of working
  • Right sizing meeting rooms / types
  • Challenging received wisdom about how work is delivered
  • Fire capacity checks
  • Space requirements for relocations


For more information and to request a copy of a sample SUS report give our office a call on +44 (0)207 167 5757 or fill out the contact us form below:


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