Roberta Angioni

Roberta Angioni joins Aberley

Tuesday 16 March, 2021

Roberta is a passionate and motivated design and workplace strategist with over six years’ experience. She has worked with clients such as Shell, ADP and Capital One finding the best solution for their physical space and integrating design-thinking practices. Roberta supports clients on a strategic level aligning their culture and workstyles into a workplace strategy that is strongly supported by qualitative and quantitative data.

Roberta was previously a design consultant at Haworth and following the completion of a master’s degree in Design Strategy and Innovation she then joined the Ideation team.

As an Ideation Consultant, she worked across the UK and Middle Eastern markets, helping clients with their workplace strategy challenges and being their pivotal knowledge partner in terms of workplace culture, workstyles and wellbeing.

During the first months of the pandemic, she co-developed a survey which captured the new WFH experience of the workforce designed to gather longitudinal data. The collected data formed part of these organisations decision making process, specifically regarding the future of their real estate strategy and the new WFH practices.

We're delighted to have Roberta on board, she brings incredible enthusiasm and energy to supporting our clients. 

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