Sunday Times image of Mindshare

Sunday Times image of Mindshare

People Analytics in the Workplace

Wednesday 18 January, 2017

If you read the article “Get to bed: the boss is watching you” in the Sunday Times on the 15th May, were you disturbed at its contents or excited? For those who didn’t pick up on this article, in summary it outlined that through wearable tracker devices organisations can track and measure your performance across a range of real time activities, including how much you talk with colleagues, assessment of your speech and stress levels, body posture and monitoring fitness in the office and outside.

It went on to state that up to four major British companies including an unspecified high street bank were using “socio-metric badges”, mining this data could enable predictions to be made on how productive and happy their staff are at work, leading to an "augmented human being".

Whilst the development of technologies in our work and home life may improve certain aspects of our interaction with colleagues, family and washing machines is this just a step too far and could it lead to excessive and intrusive attempts to control what we do and set daily performance targets?

Is it part of a growing surveillance culture or an opportunity to derive measurable goals that will typically be beneficial to both the organisation and its workforce: increasing the range of communication channels, rewarding innovation, and ultimately informing and designing a better workplace.

At Aberley we believe that analytics in the workplace enable a two way dialogue to start on a journey towards a more responsive workplace with people at the core, based on accurate information on workplace performance, environmental conditions and usage.  This need not be a process to dehumanise people, turning them into little more than robots, but a celebration of our unique and valuable differences that deliver through personal contact outcomes that are beyond the understanding of a sensor badge.

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