November seminar: Apps for workplace analytics and feedback

Friday 22 September, 2017

In our fourth seminar for 2017, we aim to discuss the utility of apps in the workplace.

The emerging workplace model suggests that the boundaries between public and private, work and leisure and domestic environments have been eroded.  While good design is a useful tool in attracting and retaining the best people, it never works in isolation.  It is the people not buildings that enable high performance, supported by a work culture, technology and physical environment that positively encourages agility, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The success of this combination depends on a workspace environment with constant feedback and consultation as a key element of its operation.  The growth of post occupancy studies are a testimonial to the fact that many organisations are seeking to get feedback on the impact their workspace is having on its people.  But are these really providing evidence of what people are looking for on a daily basis to improve their performance or just providing a snapshot to the organisation with a data set of engagement figures that nobody uses.

Join us as we explore the opportunity that Apps, Internet of Things and Workplace Amplification tools provide to shift attention away from just engagement numbers and focus on how people really experience work, and the organisation’s buildings on a day by day basis.  Enabling organisations to optimise their resources, maximise performance and redesign of its workplaces and practices around what their employees really need.

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