Fruit not cake

Healthier workplaces and cultures

Tuesday 3 January, 2017

It seems we are being bombarded with negative information from health professionals on a daily basis on our collective poor diet, lack of exercise, alcohol intake etc.

Today’s announcement that Dentists call to end 'workplace cake culture' on the day most people go back to work after the Christmas festivities is just another one of these pronouncements.

So, if our work places and work cultures are really impacting our health and wellbeing, it’s about time we understood what is going on and how it’s affecting our personal performance at work.

Cakes and sugar intake are only one aspect of a cocktail of stressors on the human body in the workplace and to deal with them, you can start today by carrying out some simple steps that don’t require a complete radical change to the workplace environment.

  • Drink more water and combat the effects of dehydration

  • Use the stairs more and strengthen your muscles

  • Stand in meetings and improve your body and mind

  • Stand at your desk where possible and improve blood flow

  • Cut down on sugary food and lower your calorie intake

  • Get out of the workplace more and increase your oxygen intake

  • Get off public transport one stop earlier (if practical) and increase daily exercise

Seven simple steps you can take to improve your performance at work and home too and feel better and healthier as well

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