Aberley and Sony Network Communications Europe recently signed an agreement

Tuesday 7 July, 2020

Aberley and Sony Network Communications Europe recently signed an agreement, making the Nimway smart office solution available to customers across the UK.

Nimway’s world class indoor positioning technology takes the strain out of workplace wayfinding by providing real-time office utilisation data.

Sensors mounted on the ceiling or furniture continuously monitor the availability of rooms and workstations. They then display the information on digital floorplans and room panels or on connected devices via a mobile and web app.

With office capacity often pushed to the limits, Nimway saves employees time and effort by instantly locating desk spaces, meeting rooms or colleagues.  Meanwhile, data from Nimway is continuously collated in the analytics tool to generate valuable insights and intelligence for decision makers. For example, graphs and heat maps show how frequently different types of workspaces are used, providing a solid basis for space allocation planning. Information from the system also helps facility managers organise activities such as cleaning and maintenance as effectively and unobtrusively as possible.

As companies cautiously start bringing employees back to work after lockdown, Nimway helps create the conditions for successful social distancing. The solution can, for example, be configured to limit the number of people in each meeting room, and alternate workstations can be marked as blocked or available to prevent employees working in too close proximity.

Aberley’s CEO Meirion Anderson is delighted to be working with Sony Network Communications Europe and introducing this solution to the UK market: “Having Nimway in our portfolio greatly strengthens our digital service offer. I am confident it will sharpen clients’ scope to make best use of their workspace, whatever the future holds,” he says. 

Lars-Gunnar Lundgren, who heads up the Nimway team sees this as a positive step on the road to digitalisation. “Nimway is one service in our expanding portfolio of intelligent connected services. Working with industry-focused workplace partners such as Aberley brings these services to the attention of a broader target group. We look forward to getting direct feedback from users, as this will help us steer future service developments towards real-world needs.”


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