Zurich Swindon

Zurich Insurance - Workplace Strategy and Change programme

Thursday 13 August, 2020

Date: Complete 2022

Scope: Workplace strategy, design brief and implementation input, change management and engagement

The new Swindon building has a brief to create a new, future facing workplace connecting colleagues and the local community with wellness at its heart; supporting an agile, innovative and inclusive organisation enabling leadership with a strong brand and a collaborative culture.

The initial work was to review the current thoughts and concepts on the design of CAT A and CAT B, working closely with the design team to ensure that this was in line with the (in tandem) activity of data gathering on the future requirements of the organisation.

The data gathering exercise included interviews with 28 team leads and undertaking staff focus groups. It also involved a review of the previous utilisation studies and staff surveys and a host of supporting project documentation.

The workplace strategy document summarised the output of this data to form recommendations for the new workplace, alongside a view on the future ‘agile-ability’ work styles of the teams with an associated concept stacking and space plan.

A consideration of the engagement plan for staff and a benefits realisation approach was also provided.

We also drafted a CAT B operational design approach which outlined the areas of specific focus with a view to a programme of oversight through the design and build process.

The next phase of the programme is to deliver on the detailed space planning, FF&E procurement and engagement with staff to prepare them for the new working environment.

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