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Tuesday 15 November, 2016

The Requirement

Yell required a high quality communications and moves service as part of their move from four buildings into one new headquarters at One Reading Central and then delivering ongoing support across the UK sites. They were strongly committed to maximum involvement of their people wherever possible in decisions and keen to see them get the most from the new facility. Also critical was finding better ways of working for their contact centre teams to allow them to operate as units but without a set 1 person: 1 desk allocation.

The Solution

Move Champions: 22 champions were appointed from across the range of the business (representing Board level through to contact centre teams). We ran meetings every month and involved the Champions in every possible area from selecting the catering and gym providers to promoting the cashless vending scheme.

Intranet: All move communications were controlled through pages on iYell, the company intranet pages. We drafted and designed the content which was uploaded by the internal communications team. Accuracy and currency of information was maintained. It also meant that once the moves were complete, the pages became the welcome pack and online housekeeping guide for the business.

Contact centres: We worked to create and set up the space for teams in Reading, Scarborough and Birmingham. This required close working with the managers to ensure proper motivational spirit across the teams alongside the practicalities of quick access to desks, log in and out: even the time it took to vend hot drinks. The focus remained on maximum time on the phones. We worked alongside IT to deliver roaming profiles and hunt groups. We also developed imaginative training areas for regular and temporary staff.

HR: We provided much of the interface with the HR department to keep them properly informed and involved in the project as it affected people’s terms and conditions and general wellbeing.

ARMS: The database was used throughout to record all people, moves, furniture and produce asset lists and move labels.

The Outcome

Dramatic changes to workstyles and layout delivered Change management moves to adaptable space Series of subsequent churns and re-designs delivered

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