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Nationwide Building Society - Strategy and Change

Friday 31 July, 2020

Ramsbury House, Swindon and The Post Building, London

Date: Complete 2020

Scope: Workplace strategy, design brief and implementation oversight, change management and engagement

Both projects are a great example of how to maximise the staff engagement and support to increase ownership and therefore performance improvement from the new working environment.

The design for the buildings is to generate a sense of difference for Nationwide as their Tech Hubs for (largely) their digital teams.

We were asked to provide an initial view of the ideal employee journey (and expectations) for existing and new-joining digital staff and how this would be expressed as physical building elements and also the associated requirements of the building and services infrastructure. This included the support services such as providing additional ‘workplace hosts’ to enable colleagues to focus on the work in hand. 

Although the architecture of the two buildings is very different, the intent of creating ‘twin hubs’ between two cities that provide a very similar internal design aesthetic, support services and way of working has been achieved.

Brand new work settings that respond specifically to the inhabiting teams such as Scrum Areas ensure that the new workspaces provide optimum support to colleagues, enabling a shared approach to the workplace overall but within team spaces that engender a sense of identity and purpose.

A programme of communication and change management was implemented to enable a colleague ‘journey’ of awareness and understanding and finally ownership of the new workspace that enables a collective ownership of spaces aligned to a personal sense of place.

The overall look and feel, while aligned also to the new branch design, provides a fresh and differentiated expression of the Society’s brand and values appealing more specifically to the targeted demographic.

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