Communications and Change Management

Communications and Change Management

Thursday 4 August, 2016

The Requirement

Aberley’s starting premise is a great deal of time, effort and money is put into fit out of appropriate space and into selection of right people. Paradoxically, opportunities can be missed in ensuring those people buy in to the change and can perform to their best as soon as they move to new space. It is also easy to miss the moment to get their feedback to make improvements for the next churn.

Instances that would benefit from a change programme include:

  • Relocations or changing to better ways of working
  • Recruitment of individuals or blocks of staff
  • Regular moves by groups of people; for example interns / trainees
  • Creation of new teams to deliver a project or develop a new product
  • Upsizing or downsizing teams
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Moves to new premises
  • Introduction of new technology

What do people need in a modern work space?

  • An effective physical environment in which to work
  • The right supporting technology
  • The ability to meet / discuss ideas with others (colleagues and clients)
  • Information about the other facilities available to them (food, relaxation space, HR / training support)
  • Information about the wider area in which they work and facilities open to them
  • Guidance on where to get help with any issues

The Benefits

  • Workshops for new teams to discuss ways of working; propose and understand changes
  • Familiarisation and training including behaviour change training based on proven strategies such as the competence ladder
  • An intranet site within organisation’s existing site to carry information; detail on space allocation for individual projects; links to HR and training information
  • Develop and maintain move and welcome information for all staff including corporate videos
  • Additional targeted change management for any individuals or groups experiencing difficulties. 
  • Appoint and support representative move champions or mentors
  • External PR programmes for the organisation to maximise the positive public message around major moves

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